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This site will provide you with information on some of the most desirable single issue comic books of the Silver Age. This includes the first appearances and origins of many of Marvel's most popular current super heroes.

Spider-Man first debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15. After this brief appearance, the character received his own title in Amazing Spider-Man #1. In the ensuing years, his down to earth real life problems earned him a permanent and engaged readership. He would eventually become Marvel's flagship hero and in recent times the leading movie franchise!

Marvel's first foray into the Silver Age of comic book heroes came with Fantastic Four #1. This issue featured the origin of the team's powers. They were exposed to cosmic rays while taking a rocket ship to the stars. Their varied and fantastic abilities were interlaced with a family dynamic. Johnny and Sue Storm were brother and sister. Eventually Reed Richards and Sue Storm become married and have children.

Heroes of the past were brought to life in comic book form. The most notable example of this is the introduction of Thor in Journey into Mystery #83. The thunder god figure from Norse mythology was given life in the real world joined with Dr. Donald Blake. It was a story of heroism and humility as Thor became the protector and inhabitant of Earth.

You will find more information on these titles and stories as well as many others on Holy Grail Comics!